Saturday, 12 May 2012

A House Sparrow's Tale

I love Sparrows, they are such cheeky little birds.I met this one recently while having afternoon tea at a rather nice restaurant near Adelaide.

Yippee, crumbs!
 By Hilary Thompson
The Sparrow was hopping around under the tables picking up the crumbs that had fallen from the plates of the diners.It was quite at home in the restaurant and looked well fed; so I presume that it was a regular visitor.

I think Sparrows are amazing. They, like many of us, have migrated to Australia from Europe and like many of us have adapted to their new surroundings and become very successful.They are very social birds, flocking  not only with other Sparrows, but also with other bird species.
In fact, you could say that Sparrows are quite a lot  like us.

Another of their qualities is that they are very good opportunists, as this male House Sparrow demonstrated, by using the restaurant as a source of food. 

We, like Sparrows, are social beings. We are meant to be in relationships that are loving, harmonious, nurturing,supportive and that help us to grow as people.Unfortunately our relationships are often not like this.

Table for Two
By Hilary Thompson
We often forget that we need to work on our relationships. That our relationships need constant care and attention to flourish. 

Our relationships need to change and adapt as life changes, just like the House Sparrow adapts so that it can flourish  in different environments.
And like the House Sparrow, we need to be open to taking opportunities that will help us to grow and enhance our relationships.

Does your relationship need a little TLC right now? It is always OK to ask for help, to resolve issues before it is too late.

Hilary Thompson
The Out and About Therapist
Facilitator at Flourishing Relationships Retreats

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