Thursday, 7 June 2012

Flourishing Relationships - Appreciation & Gifts

Winter Flowers
Hilary Thompson
One thing I believe to be often forgotten, is that we all need to be appreciated. There is nothing worse than feeling that we are taken for granted. I often hear people (mostly women) complain that they are taken for granted by their partners and children. And they are sick of it.
What happened to showing appreciation for all the things that are done to help us in life? It seems to have got lost in the drama and hubbub of life. Showing appreciation does not have to be a big thing. The little things mean so much. It could be a bunch of flowers, it could be making someone a cup of tea; or just taking the time to listen to them. 
Doing the dishes or taking out the garbage with a smile on you face. Whatever works for you. 
A good question to ask yourself every day when you wake is "what can I do today to make my wife/husband/partner feel appreciated and loved?" 
Then having answered that question, just do it.
Hilary Thompson 
The Out and About Therapist

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