Friday, 13 December 2013

Flourishing Relationships - Humans & Ducks

Did you know that the most important relationship that we have is the one relationship that is most neglected? “Hmm “I hear you say. “Which one would that be?”

The most important relationship we have is the relationship we have with ourselves. I repeat; the most important relationship we have is the relationship we have with ourselves.

As humans we are often very self critical and un-accepting of ourselves. It’s as if being human makes us somehow less than.

" I am happy being a Duck"
 Animals are not like that. They accept themselves for who they are.  
duck will never compare itself to another duck and find itself lacking.

Think for a moment about how you talk about yourself to others and how you think about yourself.

 Do you belittle yourself? Do you put yourself down? Do you have a voice in your head that beats you up? Do you hate looking in the mirror?

Here is another question to consider: Do you treat others the way that you treat yourself? No? Then why do you give yourself a hard time?

This holiday season give yourself the gift of loving and appreciating yourself.

Make a conscious effort to find things about yourself that you like. Focus on the likable parts of you, not the unlikable bits. Be kind to yourself. Appreciate all the good things that you do and congratulate yourself on your achievements, no matter how small.

Give yourself rewards – even something small can give you pleasure and help you to feel good about yourself. And most of all, just accept yourself for who you are.

When you love yourself more you can love others more. You will then find that people will relate to you in a more loving way. And guess what? You will also receive more love and that is really nice.

Hilary Thompson
The Out and About Therapist
Relationships Coach

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