Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Flourishing Relationships -Tips for Good Communication

One of the key factors of a good relationship is good communication. In fact I believe communication is the glue that sticks us together.

We're Not Talking! - Hilary Thompson
However, I have often heard comments like “We don’t talk anymore” “He/she doesn’t listen to me.” “We fight then don’t speak to each other for ages.”

Is it any wonder that so many relationships are in trouble? Is it any wonder that there is so much divorce;not just between marriage partners but also between parents and their children?

Here are a few tips to help:
  • Stop trying to be right. Be open to considering another point of view.
  • Understand that everyone’s point of view has validity, even if you don’t agree with what they are saying.
  • If you are feeling angry about a situation, say so; but walk away and resume the conversation later when you have cooled down.
  • Really listen to what the other person is saying. This takes effort but is very worthwhile.
  • Never, ever, put down or belittle the other person.
  • Trying to “get back” at someone is useless. It does not achieve anything other than bad feelings and will never resolve the issue.
  • Be kind to yourself and to the other person. Kindness can open doors for resolution.
I hope these tips are helpful. Sometimes we need help to resolve issues and to communicate effectively with each other.
I can help.
Hilary Thompson

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